Cast Aluminium Intake Bend

Carburettor Intake Bend for the Titan ZG 23SL

In order to obtain a quiet engine you must not forget to do something to reduce the considerable intake noise. For model aircraft the simplest and most effective method is to draw the intake air from inside the fuselage.

Cast Aluminium intake bend for ZG 23SL
and ZG 26SC            #2587  Toni Clark Webshop

To fit the carburettor to this bend, the fuel nipple on the ZG 23SL must be turned in the carburettor body. This nipple consists of a brass core with a riffled edge over which a plastic spout is injection moulded. If you try to turn this nipple with pliers, the plastic is forced to expand over the riffles, making the nipple useless as it will only leak.

To avoid any trouble send us your carburettor with your order and we will do this tricky nipple turning for you.

With the Titan ZG 26SC the fuel nipple fits without turning it!

The intake bend is supplied with screws, gasket and heat insulator.


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