Robart Drilling Jig for Dowel Hinges

Robart drilling jig for dowel hinges. Robart drilling jig

A very practical tool for speed in drilling accurate holes for the dowel hinges. The complete jig is placed onto the workpiece and held securely with the two blades and the centring is then automatic. Supplied with bushes for large and small hinges. There is an extra bush available with 6,3 dia. (1/4 in) for the hinge sockets.


Drilling jig for dowel hinges

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Drilling Bush for 6,3 mm (1/4 in) drills, for fitting the sockets

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Robart Dowel Hinges ø 5 mm (3/16 in), 10 pieces

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Robart Dowel Hinges ø 5 mm (3/16 in), 20 pieces

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Sockets for Robart 5 mm (3/16 in) Dowel Hinges

Sockets for Robart 5 mm Dowel Hinges with socket grub screw and hexagonal key.
The perfect and safe method to fix Hinge Points but at the same time allowing the Hinge Points removal if required. These sockets are epoxied into the wings and tailplane and so on. With large shrouded surfaces these sockets have the added advantage that they increase the stiffness of the hinge points. Supplied with socket grub screw and hexagonal key.

Sockets, 10 pieces ........ #0796  Toni Clark Webshop

Sockets, 20 pieces ........ #0797  Toni Clark Webshop


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