GRP-Balsa Sandwich Tuned Pipe Tunnel

This tunnels are exceedingly stiff and at the same time very light. This makes for a simple and effective installation.

GRP-Balsa Sandwich Tuned Pipe Tunnel with Tunnel Outlet

No extra formers are required to install the tunnel. It is a very stiff epoxy glass sandwich construction using 1 mm Balsa between. Tunnel length is 1 m, inside diameter is 75 mm (3 in). The tuned pipes for the ZG 38, ZG 45, ZG 62, ZG 74 and ZG 80 fit perfectly into the tunnel. The GRP epoxy glass tunnel outlet is made long enough, so that it can be trimmed to fit any model.

The outlet is supplied with each tunnel.

GRP-Balsa Tuned Pipe Tunnel complete  #6550  Toni Clark Webshop
GRP Tunnel outlet ................................. #6551  Toni Clark Webshop

Example of the installation of a ZG 62 tuned pipe with tuned lenght 780 mm to start of reflex cone.


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