ProfiCover Iron on Covering

PROFICOVER is very easy to use, it is a woven Polyester fabric that is extremely tear resistant and temperature stable. Due to the very effective adhesive coating the airframe does not need any form of coating as is the case with other covering materials.

ProfiCover Iron on Covering

PROFICOVER shrinks rather more along the length of the roll than across it. The shrinkage can be controlled precisely by varying the irons temperature. The most difficult of areas can be easily covered without a single crease or fold.

PROFICOVER is very easy to iron on, as trapped air bubbles can dissipate through the untreated wood. Rounded wing tips are a cinch. Heat the PROFICOVER with the iron, almost like rubber cloth then it is possible to pull it into any shape. A heat gun is not necessary as the iron will not scratch the material.

A PROFICOVER covered model will not suffer warps or air bubbles when you take care with ironing the material.

PROFICOVER imparts enough stiffness without shrinking too much. This considerably reduces the drum effect in the interest of noise reduction.

PROFICOVER can be coated practically with every type of paint, providing the paint has a certain amount of flexibility. Two-component Polyurethane paint is absolutely ideal for the purpose. For vintage models CLOU dope is ideal. Do not use any form of filler coat or similar as these materials become very hard and develop cracks and particles break off. To achieve the Vintage look of clear doped linen, the PROFICOVER can be painted with CLOU L4 Light Oak furniture glaze.

PROFICOVER is white transparent.
Weight: 110 g/m² (0.36 oz/sq ft)
Width of roll: 1.20 m (47.2 in)

  1 m ......  #0500  
  2 m Roll  #0502
3 m Roll  #0503
  5 m Roll  #0509
10 m Roll  #0501
15 m Roll  #0507

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