BEL RAY MC H1R #0194BEL RAY H1R Synthetic Two Stroke Oil

This is an improved version of the MC H-1-X synthetic two stroke oil for petrol engines. Mixed to a ratio of 50:1, this is a 2% oil content. This oil provides a more efficient lubrication of the engine than a 20:1 mixture using mineral oil. Using BEL RAY H1R you will have an increase by some 100 RPM as opposed to mineral oil, this comes about due to the reduction in oil drag and increased petrol volume. BEL RAY H1R causes little or no deposit to be formed in the engine, this keeps the spark plug piston and combustion chamber clean. There are no corrosion problems. The exhaust is almost oil free. Due to the excellent lubrication the piston ring cylinder sealing is improved, this makes for better starting.

BEL RAY H1R, synthetic two stroke oil, 1 litre ... #0194  Toni Clark Webshop


Valvoline SynPower® 2T

After many tests, the oil we recommend for the Valach Motors four-stroke engines is Valvoline SynPower® 2T.
The extremely good BelRay H1R,
we use for our two stroke engines,
is not ideal for petroil lubrication in
four-stroke engines. BelRay H1R
burns off very well and deposit free, but it does not blow down past the piston rings into the crankcase as well as Valvoline SynPower® 2T

 Valvoline SynPower2T

SynPower® 2T,  synthetic two stroke oil, 1 litre ... #7294  Toni Clark Webshop


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