Skive Aviation ADS-12


The 12.80 m long Airship Drone is filled with 65 cubic Meter Helium. The airship is powered by two of our reliable Titan ZG 62PCI engines.
This video shows an early test flight with the roll stabilisation still not working perfect.

The SKIVE ADS-12 Airship Drone is an advanced UAV system, developed for operation over inhabited regions and crowds where a high level of safety is required. Thanks to 95% static lift, the airship remains airborne for up to 8 hours and transmits high definition daylight and infrared video data to the ground control station. This provides best coast, border and traffic surveillance as well as efficient security services at sport events.
A special airship autopilot allows full autonomous flight by GPS navigation, with in flight waypoint adaptation and manual interruption at any time.
This airship drone sets new standards and opens new applications in civil and tactical surveillance.

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