VM-170 B2-4T - smooth four-stroke Power!


EMHW 57% Pitts Special
wingspan: 3.04 m (120 in)
static thrust: 28.5 kp (63 lbs)
takeoff weight incl. smoke oil: 22.5 kg (50 lbs).
Music: "The Reacers"
Soundtrack: "The Valach Motors VM 170 B2-4T"

Zum Video der 3m Pitts mit dem neuen Valach VM-170 B2-4T

September 2010:

Video on "RCMovie" of my EMW 3m Pitts Special S1-S with the new Valach VM-170 B2-4T four stroke engine flown at the German Nationals "Semi Scale"

Still without smoke at that time, the takeoff weight was then 21.5 kg.


Filmed by Hannes Lutzenberger.


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VM-170 2B-4T Info


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