Paolo Severin Super Scale kits

Paolo Severin and his super scale kits
In order to build a magnificent scale model, there is nothing new to invent, but you only have to make the most faithful replica of the real plane! This is the philosophy behind Paolo Severin's unique super scale models.

The Vintage Aviator

The Vintage Aviator Ltd
This company is producing airworthy full-size WWI airplanes, exactly to original plans. The Albatros DV with an original Mercedes Engine is only one example, countless pictures on their web page waiting to be discovered...

Building our Pitts Special S1-S - "live" in Internet!
Holger Ahmels describes here building his second Pitts Special S1-S, using over a hundred photos to show all details. Plus a few photos to show how the need arose for a second machine.

But the interest of the FMSCO home page lies not only in the Pitts! After completition of his Pitts, Holger Ahmels has started building our CAP 21.

Martin Hepperle
A real mine of information and free programmes to download. Covering aerodynamics, wing sections, propellers, silencers and more. From a very competent source! Martin designed the MH-Wing Sections. He has written also a very interesting programme for calculating silencers based on Theories from Professor Blair of Queens College Belfast. This programme is in German and English.


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