Headline Titan ZG 26SLH

The Walbro carburetor is extremely reliable, is designed for the higher rpm involved, the completely dependable magneto ignition without contact breaker, the clean running due to low dilution full synthetic oil resulting in the absence of the smelly smoke trail, the availability of the fuel at every filling station with it’s very low price. These are some of the arguments resulting in the popularity of first the ZG 22 and then the ZG 23SLH, are now exactly relevant to the Titan ZG231SLH and Titan ZG 26SLH.

The Titan ZG 26SLH as delivered with pullcord starter, muffler and air intake filter. - The new Titan ZG 26SLH with more power and better cooling!

The new cylinder with the very thin high performance single piston ring is adapted from the ZG 26SC airplane engine.
The only difference between the ZG 231SLH and the ZG 26SLH is the increased cylinder bore.

The extremely wide cooling fins are invaluable for helicopter use.

Titan ZG 26SLH  .........................

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Complete with pullcord starter, silencer, air intake filter, Spark plug box spanner.


Some features of the Titan ZG 26SLH :

  • New cylinder for considerably more power and efficient cooling.
  • Very thin piston ring for minimal friction and maximum power.
  • Magneto-electronic ignition with separate power coil and ignition coil, giving maximum power and smooth running.
  • Small Champion spark plug RZ7C with 10 mm thread.
  • Compact diecast crankcase.
  • Double counterbalanced crankshaft, very accurately aligned for the necessary concentric running, supported in three ballbearings. Needle roller bearings in conrod.
  • Walbro carburetor fitted with a priming pump to fill the carburetor for starting and a efficient airfilter intake silencer with integrated choke flap.
Carburetor with primer-pump and air cleanerer with integrated choke
  • Robust pullcord starter


25,4 ccm
 34 mm
 28 mm
Compression ratio:
 8.8 eff.
 2.2 hp
 1.62 kW
 1,48 Nm
Power with 
tuned pipe:
>3.0 hp
>2.2 kW
1580 g
             (without muffler)

Fuel: 1:40
BEL RAY H1-R / Petrol



- Power and torque curves Titan ZG 26SLH

3-View drawing Titan ZG 231SLH and Titan ZG 26SLH

Helicopter Header Pipe:

The ZG 26SLH fitted with the helicopter header pipe #2575 - The ZG 26SLH with the tuned stainless steel silencer system
  Stainless steel silencers for the ZG 26SLH are to be found in the Catalogue

Heli header for Robbe Futura   #2575 See current price in the TC webshop

Special helicopter header bent from 20x0.5 mm stainless tube. Due to its form, this header provides the necessary length without having the silencer too far back, thereby avoiding CG problems. The header was developed for the Robbe Futura helicopter, but will also fit other helicopters where the engine is installed with the spark plug pointing rearward.


Heli header for Robbe Nova Cuatro  #2585 See current price in the TC webshop

This header is a mirrored version of the Futura header #2575 for the Robbe "Nova Cuatro" and T-Rex 700 petrol conversions, where the engine is installed with the spark plug pointing forward.

To join the silencer to the header pipe, it is best to use the flexible stainless steel tubing #3881. PTFE tubing cannot withstand the high exhaust gas temperatures experienced in helicopter use very long.

- - -
Set of manifold screws M5 -

Set of manifold screws  ..............  #2573 See current price in the TC webshop

Two screws M5x16, washers and spring washers, zink plated.

We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without prior notice.


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