Stainless Steel tuned Silencers and Accessories for DA 150

The DA engines achieve their high power with a tuned silencer system, as is the case with all high performance engines.

The large volume and the compact construction (large volume with small surface area) make these silencer units especially quiet. They are made from thin-wall stainless steel tubing, Laser welded and highly polished. The use of stainless steel throughout makes for an exceedingly robust and lightweight unit.

At approx. 5800 RPM the best tuned length is X = 365 mm. So the best header length for the DA 150 is 300 mm.

Stainless steel silencer DA 150
Without header and fixing materials. Weight 430 g.

1 piece #5870    See current price in the TC webshop
Two are required for the DA 150!


Stainless steel is vastly superior to aluminum in two ways; stainless alloys can withstand much higher temperatures and are very much tougher. To give an example, the header fixing screws can be firmly tightened down and do not need to be regularly tightened as is the case with aluminum. Also stainless can withstand far better, the constant oscillation and vibration that exhaust system must live with.

Stainless steel silencers have a very long life, exceeding by a large margin other metals that will often fall apart after a short running time. The higher specific weight is compensated by the thinner wall thickness that one can use. The only disadvantages are the higher cost of stainless plus its extreme toughness makes it very difficult to work with.

Smoke Nipple

The stainless steel silencer #5870 can be supplied fitted with a nipple for smoke oil.

Extra cost for smoke oil nipple
   See current price in the TC webshop


Stainless Steel Header Pipes

Light and tough headers made from stainless steel tube 25 x 0.5 mm. The narrow headers can be mounted inclined either to the middle or to the outside.

The center line length on all headers is 300 mm. For the DA 150 this is the correct length when using the silencer #5770.

Header pair for DA 150, narrow,
See current price in the TC webshop

Weight per pair: 240g.

Header pair for DA 150, normal,
See current price in the TC webshop

Weight per pair: 240g.

Header pair for DA 150, wide,
See current price in the TC webshop

Weight per pair: 240g.


PTFE Tubing and Spring Clips

For connecting silencer and header.

PTFE Tube ø25 x 2 mm,
  5 cm #3896  See current price in the TC webshop
cm #3897  
15 cm #3898  

Spring Clip ø25 mm
per 1   #3899   
See current price in the TC webshop


Exhaust flange for DA 150

Laser cut from 3 mm stainless steel to make headers.

DA 150 Auspufflansch #5871  See current price in the TC webshop


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