Albatros DVa
Scale: 1:3.5 (1.3.5)
Wingspan: 2.55 m (100 in)
Length: 2.09 m (82 in)
Wing area: 1.77 m² (2744 sq in)
Weight with ZG 80B/PCI-HV:
approx. 13.2 kg (approx. 29 lb)
Engine: Titan ZG 80B/PCI-HV

The Albatros DV is without doubt the most interesting and attractive single seater fighter built by the Germans in the first world war. We have been working for a very long time on our 29% scale (1:3.5) model, to produce a really out of the ordinary kit. From the beginning of our Albatros project, we wished to break away from the conventional type of construction, to make something totally new in every aspect, with a perfect solution to the many design problems encountered, quick to build, with superb flying characteristics.

Albatros DVa

For us, it was of utmost importance to have a really robust model, capable of withstanding any amount of transport, although light in weight. As we visit so many flying meetings, we need to be able easily stow the Albatros in our station wagon. An important factor was, and is, to keep the assembly of the model on the flying field as simple as possible...

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Complete kit Albatros DVa OrderNo. #8000 ... € 3880.—

June 23rd 2016

All the components of this unique kit are manufactured solely in Germany in our own workshop:

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To complete the model, the covering material, adhesives, the engine and radio gear is required.