Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Rudi Widmann

Titan ZG 45SL

Hydro Mount System #6704

Stainless Steel Silencer #4640

Carburettor intake bend #4587

All up weight: 10.5kg

Receiver: Graupner/JR C19

1700 mAh

Graupner/JR C5077


Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Rudi Widmann

Mr. Bäuerle sent us this e-mail in July 2003:

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
up to now in our club Radolfzell e.V. there has been four Piper PA-18's built and the fifth is in being built. All five are fitted with the original ZG 45SL and Hydro-Mount-System. The perfect combination.

It is now high time to send you photo´s for your gallery. Included you will see are the two photo´s in high resolution. First is my club friend Rudi Widmann with his newest Piper PA 18, Rudi lives in Radolfzell and is the builder and pilot. Next photo the Piper alone.
The elevators have been modified, so that they have the aerodynamic balance surfaces as per the full size PA 18.
As you can see this is a super model, all our club members are very impressed. Perhaps you may like to include these photo´s in your gallery. At this time I am fully engaged in building a Piper from your kit myself. When finished I can send you a few more photo´s.

With many flyers greetings from the Lake Constance,
Toni Bäuerle.

Then in August we received the following e-mail:

Shortly you will receive more photo´s. My father´s Piper PA 18 is now ready and makes it´s maiden flight today.
My own PA 18 will be ready in the next three weeks, and shortly, with a further club member another PA 18 will follow. Then we will have 5 TC Piper PA 18 in our club. Now isn't that a real fine thing? You will have a few group photo´s shortly.

With many greetings from the Lake Constance,
Toni Bäuerle..

Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Rudi Widmann
Mr. Bäuerle has inserted a Gallery called "TC Piper Mix" on the Homepage of the Modellbaugruppe Radolfzell e.V.
Included on the homepage is also an interesting report about the Piper Meeting 2003 at Rohrbach/Switzerland.



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