Piper PA 18 built by Raymond van Mulken

Titan ZG 45SL

Hydro Mount System #6704

Stainless Steel Silencer #4640

Carburetor intake bend #4587

Easy Start System #7777


Piper PA 18 built by Raymond van Mulken
Piper PA 18 built by Raymond van Mulken

Raymond van Mulken sent us the following e-mail in July 2003:

Dear Mr. Reinsch and Clark,
yesterday my Piper made its maiden flight. After two years in building (I reckon with about 400 hours) it was at last ready. With the first flight I discovered the aerial in the fuselage was being shielded. Luckily OO-VIK landed in one piece. It was rather hair raising, as the Piper turned in on the finals, being very close to the ground, started to fly on it's own mind, but after about 20 meters behaved itself again.

After this near disaster, I have fitted the aerial outside and onto the tail surface. After all this I can only wonder at the Piper´s flying characteristics, she flies inverted as well as right way up.

Fitted with the Titan ZG 45 and HMS, my Piper has passed all noise measuring test with less then 78 dB(A) showing on the sound measuring instruments.

I have fitted the Piper with a trapdoor and with the very first flight dropped off two parachutes. Sweets fell like bombs, my two boys were delighted, but one should avoid these hitting ones head. I have enclosed two photo´s from the full size Piper and three from my model. Because she flies so well, I am now adding the scale details. A Cockpit has to be constructed and a scale Pilot must be added. Also a little alteration to the Paintwork is required. The only two things now missing are the rudder lettering and the airspeed venturi on the left side of the fuselage.

Hearty greetings,

Raymond van Mulken
Toon Hermanssingel 49
NL-6132 BT Sittard

Piper PA 18 built by Raymond van Mulken



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