back Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Ralf Brand

Titan ZG 45SL

HMS-Piper #6704

Stainless Steel Silencer #4640

Carburetor intake bend #4587

20x10" Menz

Covered with Oratex


Gyro on the rudder


Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Ralf Brand

Ralf Brand sent us this e-mail in January 2002:

building your Piper, was for me the most ambitious model I have made until now. I had previously built the Multiplex "Big Lift", powered with ZG 22, with this model I developed the taste for something even better, a real model with loads of wood, but without the risk of failure.

Due to my newly found pleasure with glider towing, my choice fell on the Piper. In a good 200 hours there she was finished, and I am all round more than satisfied with the results. The maiden flight was completed free of any troubles.

I have stuck rigidly to the building instructions, right to the end, I am thoroughly convinced that any relative newcomer and model flyer will find no difficulty in building this kit.

I have fitted my PA 18 with a Titan ZG 45SL with stainless silencer and intake bend, fitted with a 21x10" Menz propeller. The brand new engine has more than enough power so that I cannot imagine any difficulty with towing. The 9 kg flying weight you have claimed in your catalogue is not in the slightest difficult to achieve.

With Friendly greetings,

Ralf Brand

Flying in the Winter sun



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