Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Philipp Kieffer

Titan ZG 45SL

Menz S Prop
22 x 8"

HMS-Piper #6704

Stainless Steel Silencer #4640

Carburetor intake bend #4587

Covered with Oracover

Flying weight including fuel: 9 kg

Philipp Kieffer making a head stand being overjoyed after a successful first flight with his Piper PA 18 Super Cub

Philipp Kieffer sent us this e-mail in August 2003:

Hello and good Sunday Mr. Reinsch,
just a small collage with the best photo´s of my Piper, shot on the day of the first flight. Regarding the photo´s, I can only say: after such a successful first flight, one can certainly have a very satisfied countenance! :-)

The enclosed photo´s show the Piper just before the very first take off, then in low pass flyby, then touch down and finally back on the start box with the pilot in the background making a head stand being overjoyed at his success.

It would be an honour to find my photo on your web site. I would like to add, the decision for the next TC model is arrived at after consultation with my social circle(wife, parents, in-laws and club friends) it is the Cap 21. I hope you can find the time to put a Cap kit together for me. OK the Cap will be next followed later by either the Pup or the Moth.

I wish you heartily a nice Sunday

Philipp Kieffer,

Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Philipp Kieffer

Update from 29.12.03:

Wow, what a surprise and a pleasure!

Hello and good day Mr. Reinsch,
my Piper on your web site, I almost fell off my chair as I recently received your mail and clicked onto the link you gave me. That the title photo shows my head stand, man have we all laughed. But really, with your Piper I have fulfilled my three biggest large model desires.

In case you wish to fill out my web segment with technical specifications, I´ll give you the data gladly as follows: Engine Titan ZG-45 with Menz 22x8" propeller, HMS #6704 with stainless silencer #4640, intake bend for the carburetor fuselage air intake #4587, covered with Oracover film, flying weight with full tank 9 kg.
The CG came out perfectly without lead anywhere!



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