Piper PA 18 built by Peter Wohlfeil, Einbeck

Titan ZG 45SL

HMS-Piper #6704

Stainless Steel Silencer #4640

Carburettor intake bend #4587


Piper PA 18 built by Peter Wohlfeil, Einbeck, Germany


From Peter Wohlfeil, in August 2003, we received this photo of his Piper PA 18 built from our kit.
Mr. Wohlfeil had not written anything concerning the Piper, instead he ordered a Sopwith Pup Plan and later the complete kit!!

Update 24.12.03:
I am so pleased to see you have placed my Piper in your photo gallery.

Details of model: kit from Toni Clark, ZG 45 engine with stainless silencer, Hydro-Mount-System from Toni Clark, (what else, ah), Easy-Start-System, Landing Flaps.



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