Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Hannu Örn, Finland

Titan ZG 62SL

Hydro Mount System Piper #6704

Stainless Steel Silencer #6640

Carburetor intake bend #6587

Easy-Start-System #7777

Covered with ProfiCover #0509

Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Hannu Örn, Finland

Hannu Örn from Helsinki sent us the following e-mail in April 2002:

Hello gentlemen, Toni and Gerhard
Last week I did the maiden flight with "HMS-Piper mit Edelstahlschalldämpfer und Titan ZG 62SL". It really was the nicest surprise I ever have had in my RC-hobby.

1. The "aggressive Titan magneto engine" did nicely and neatly the unbelievable "hinten mit links" as you have promised.
See the short .mpg video attachment with sound (120KB).

2. The engines bass-sound was music to every RC hobbyist - thanks for the "HMS-system" and Edelstahlschalldämpfer"

3. The Piper itself was a really good flying airplane, even in aerobatics as you have written in your material. So you can have "serious fun" with scale oriented flying and also have "real fun" with miscellaneous aerobatics flying. I have not tried aero towing, but I am sure it will be "endless fun".

The reason why I decided to buy your product was:
flying capabilities - engine handling - balanced scalable combination of the Piper kit, engine mount, silencer and the engine. All this was made possible your good WEB-site with lots of written material and pictures.

Thank you!

Hannu Örn,



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