Piper J3 CUB built by Major Robert Jacquot, USA

Quadra 35

Piper J3 CUB built by Major Robert Jacquot

Major Bob Jacquot lived for a number of years in Bammental near Heidelberg. Over 30 years ago had one of the first Piper kits from Toni, from which he built this really fine model. Power at this time was naturally only the Quadra.

Bob was a U.S. Navy photographer which is clearly shown by the quality of these shots. In the second world war he survived 5 invasion landings in the South Pacific Theater being in the first waves ashore, photographing and filming the struggle of life and death in the very thick of the fighting. He also received a U.S. Navy Citation for one of the"Great Dramatic Photographs of The War". Later, pulled into the Korean war as a pilot, Bob flew the Cessna Bird Dog and the Bell H-13 helicopter for the U.S. Army. Later he was transferred to Germany where he flew twin engine aircraft for the U.S. Army Headquarters in Heidelberg as well as helicopters.

In the meantime he is long in retirement, due to his being unable to be accepted in the German medical insurance system; unfortunately Bob has been forced to return to his native Southern California.

Piper J3 CUB built by Major Robert Jacquot
Piper J3 CUB built by Major Robert Jacquot
Piper J3 CUB built by Major Robert Jacquot
Piper J3 CUB built by Major Robert Jacquot

In January 2006 we received this e-mail:

Hi, my name is Ryan Jacquot, 19 year old son to Ken Jacquot, and grandson to Major Robert Jacquot. I happened to see your web site about model airplanes, and some of the models that my grandfather built. I'm am writing to let you know that he passed away last night, January 24th, peacefully in his sleep, after a hard fought battle with brain cancer. When diagnosed, he was only given 3 months to live, and as stubborn as he was, lived 7 more. I was hoping that you might be able to post something under his planes, about his death. I know it would mean a lot to him. He always talked about how much he missed Germany, and how said he was that he had to leave all of his planes back where he liked to call home. I appreciate your time, and I would like to see the page if there will be anything added. I have also attached some recent and old pictures of him as well, some with his family and his wife Charlotte.

Ryan Jacquot



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