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Piper PA 18 built by Mario Palm

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
fired with enthusiasm from looking through the many attractive Pipers in your customer gallery, now a few lines and photographs from my model and the full size machine. When I decided on building a Piper it just had to be from Toni Clark´s workshop. From the kit to the various single components, such as engine, Hydro-Mount-System and so on, everything fits perfectly, making the building very easy, but at the same time giving a lot of pleasure. Various parts of the full size machine such as the undercarriage, cockpit and so on were no trouble to duplicate.

... We have been in the Steiermark (Austria), where a full size Piper is hangared, this had really paid off. Unfortunately the weather was lousy, otherwise we had flown model and full size in formation, in spite of the weather I had a flight in the full size.....simply fantastic.

The photo´s you must agree are really good, a real eye catcher. Maybe a
little advertising for your kit ...

Powered by the Titan ZG 62SL, Stainless Silencer #6640, Hydro-Mount-System #6704, carburettor intake elbow #6587 and Easy-Start-System #7777.

Best regards,
Mario Palm, Burgwald

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Piper Clipped Wing Cub built by Burkhard Reinsch

My younger brother took two years, starting with our standard Piper kit, to build an exactly detailed scale model of Harold Krier´s Clipped Wing Cub.

Fitted with a ZG 45 SL with the Piper HMS #6704 and Stainless silencer #4640.
ACT S3D 2.4 GHz System.
Lettering: JR Foliendesign after Burkhard's documentation.

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Piper PA 18 built by Wolf Dieter Banke

Theo´s Piper flies as superbly as it is build! The elegant colour scheme is
Theo´s own design, meaning you will not find it on any full size machine.
Although the "turbine" registration OE-AMT letters are real and exist on a full size Piper.
Titan ZG 45SL with Piper HMS #6704 and stainless silencer #4640.

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The red Piper PA 18 built by Manfred Ricken

Manni´s red Piper has may flying hours in the book. After his second (yellow) Piper was ready, he started practicing intensely to land on a single
wheel. His newest gag was landing only on the wing tip. Manni was a real enthusiast, but sadly is no longer with us.

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The yellow Piper PA 18 built by Manni – "yellow is beautiful"

The flying of his red Piper gave Manni endless joy. His aerobatic skills was really first class, but the thought of losing the beloved Piper due to a defect or mistake was unthinkable. So he came to the conclusion, the best insurance for a model is a second one, this time proper Piper yellow with more power and really superbly build!

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Piper PA 18 built by Alex Jansen

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
at last I am ready... After almost one and a half years waiting time and four months building time (not by me, but a friend) the Piper is ready and made the first flight at the weekend.

As you recommended a ZG 38 is fitted, the model is extremely quiet and has power enough, (for glider towing we have a ZG 62 powered model anyway), flies like a large trainer. The single alteration to the kit is the screwed down aileron servo covers and all the fuselage servos are mounted beside the rudder.
I have fitted the PA 18 with 2 x 6V 1200 mAh batteries, Hitec digital 70 N servos, with a Multiplex IPD 9 receiver.

The real CC-KWA flies as a glider tug in the Sailplane Club at Santiago
This machine had towed me aloft when I was there in the University. The scale PA 18 flies with us in our flying club

Alex Janssen

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Piper PA 18 built by Bernhard Beck

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
we, my father and I, are flying a TC Piper PA 18 with lots of joy. It is the second example now. Powered with a ZG 62SL, paint scheme after my imagination and not from a full size Piper.

Best regards,
Bernd Beck

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Clipped Wing Piper built by Carlo Regenfelder

Good morning Mr. Reinsch,
... am absolutely pleased with the Piper, also with the engine, starts easily and never stopped in flight. ...And I write this as a fully fledged Electric flyer!

Best regards,
Carlo Regenfelder
Samedan, Switzerland.

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Piper PA 18 built by Christian Six

Hello Mr. Clark, Hello Mr. Reinsch,

from your phantastic Piper a couple or so photo´s and greetings from the Rosenheimer Flying Club!

Christian Six

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Piper PA 18 built by Walter Drechsler

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
... several photo´s of my TC-Piper attached, I have specialized with Banner towing, doing it the same way the full size does.

Best regards,
Walter Drechsler

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Piper PA 18 built by Kolja T. Zweering

Hello Gerhard,
I hope you had a nice weekend. I did some practice flights as a tow pilot and a friend made these pictures. I found the Piper is also very good in knife edge flight...

Toni Clark Titan ZG 62SL, HMS, Stainless silencer #6640, Easy-Start-System, Carburetor intake bend #6587, 1000 cc fuel tank, Dual Power Supply. No flaps needed because the weight came out at less than 20 lb.

I did not want another "Yellow Piper", so I decided for this rather unusual scheme I had seen on a full size.

Greetings from the beautiful "Niederrhein" (Germany).
Kolja T. Zweering

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Piper J3 Cub built by Werner Eberhartinger

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
in the autumn 2002 I was searching for something to do over the coming winter season, as I had given up winter sports. After a lot of thought and searching the net, I decided on building a model aircraft, I have chosen the Toni Clark Piper. I met with quite a bit of sceptisism and fun poking in the "expert circles", and have been declared crazy for choosing a Toni Clark Piper for my first attempt, you should try something simpler they said. I simply wished to BUILD a model, not just purchase some prefabricated parts to glue together.

The clear and excellent plans with many detailed sections, plus the really good instruction manual, was the basis to prevent myself being faced with insolvable problems, last but not least, Mr. Reinsch answered all my beginners questions promptly and with patience. Therefore a really hearty thanks.

Building such a model afforded me a load of fun, I have added a few details such as landing and wing tip lights. I have fitted a servo to operate the choke, this is mounted directly under the throttle servo. Not having an available helper to establish the CG position, and not laying the Piper on its back, I chose to drill a small hole 2mm diameter in the two root ribs and hung the model up. This way I could comfortably position the battery, receiver etc.. My J3 Cub, fitted with the ZG38 and half full tank plus 300 gms ballast, tips the scales at 9.4 kg.

The Piper made its maiden flight today, it flew superbly. I have had a real bundle of fun with it. Now I have to learn to fly...

Again many thanks indeed for everything and greetings from Salzburg.
Werner Eberhartinger

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Piper PA 18 built by Frank Ulfikowski

...I bought a Piper kit from you in 1997 and I am still flying it with utter pleasure. The old girl is now seven years old and now beginning her eighth year. Powered with a ZG38 and the stainless silencer, fitted with the intake bend #3887 and a 20x9" Menz propeller the AUW is 9 kg. The flying characteristics are really superb.

Difficult to land?, I have not found it so, she just requires a bit more concentration. This year there has been a little modifying carried out to arrive at a L 18, nearby is a full size I have discovered recently. Enclosed several photo´s, at the end a photo of her dismantled for transport when she has to stop flying and is offended (when I take her apart).

Due to my Piper´s age I have started to ponder about building a second Piper. Finally I can thoroughly recommend the Piper to begin flying with large models.

With many model builders greetings
Frank Ulfikowski

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Piper PA 18 built by Gary Timmers

Hello from Luxembourg,
at last, after 420 hours spread over two years, my BIG ORANGE is finished. The kit is really top quality and anyone who wishes to build a nice looking and easy to fly model, I can thoroughly recommend it. When one keeps to the building instructions and the plans, you will not encounter difficulties. During the build I made the very pleasant discovery, that calling the firm Toni Clark, I was given professional and competent help.

The model is covered with ProfiCover, 2 component car paint was used, a Titan ZG 45SL is fitted with the Hydro-Mount-System and a Super Silence three blade 20x12" carbon fiber prop.

Included are several photo´s, including one showing my chief mechanic.

With friendly greetings.
Timmers Gary

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Piper PA 18 built by Gerd Haas

Hello Mr. Reinsch, hello Mr. Clark,
another PA18 is in the sky over our club field MFC Aldersbach, I believe it is the sixth!!

Towards the end of October 2005 I ordered a PA 18 Super Cub kit and according to your recommendation a ZG 38 SC with accessories. The kit is absolutely complete into the last detail.

Building began 10/30/05, after 198 hours up to 12/23/05 the model was finished. The paint scheme is no way scale so the model ended with a wine red self mixed colour put on with a paint roller. The finish is pleasing.

Maiden flight took place on 04/18/06. The engine started and ran well and you can believe me, the pulse rate was suddenly raised considerably as the throttle opened and the engine power was increasing, then something surprising happened, although the engine was not even at full throttle, the Piper rolled a few feet and took off unaided. Flying is child's play, the landing being slightly more difficult. So far I have brought the Piper down ten times undamaged, although bystanders have held their breath for a second or so.

This model at an AUW of 8.9 kg flies absolutely predictably and is very forgiving. The change from methanol and electric powered small models without any
problems has been a real success.

With friendly greetings as very satisfied TC customer,
Gerd Haas

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Piper PA 18 built by Horst Zimmermann

Hello Gerhard,
just a few pictures of my Burda Piper.


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Piper PA 18 built by Hussy Michael

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
I have finished my Piper in August, due to the lousy weather this month the maiden flight had to wait until September. The biggest problem was myself, I was extremely nervous, for I had never build or flown a model this size before. Then all went well, I am absolutely pleased that this model is so easy to fly, she flies as if on rails and the airborne model is so attractive, this apart the engine has real power.

Many thanks indeed for the help given to my calls during the build.

With friendly greetings,
Michael Hussey

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Piper PA 18 built by Andreas Knockl compensation to all my questions, you will find some photo´s attached from my Piper (from TC naturally). I ordered the kit from you in 1996. The building was a load of fun, but due to shortage of time has took longer than normal. Maiden flight was 1999.

I am now going to give my Piper a present of a Electronic Ignition so that she will not constantly run away at tickover....

You can gladly use these photo´s for your homepage gallery.

Best regards,
Andreas Knockl

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Piper J3 Cub built by Manfred Heizle

Hello Gerhard Reinsch and Toni Clark,
my Piper J3 Cub is finished at last, has made it's maiden flight and thanks to the cleverly constructed undercarriage it has survived it's first landing. The first landing was a Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc., affair, but with every new attempt it will improve. Following your advice in the building instructions one will quickly learn the technique.

As a basis for the colour scheme I have taken the J-3 that is stationed at our flying field in Grenchen. My J-3 is powered with a 50cc OS-Four stroke FT-300. This engine gives ample power, with less than half throttle, my J-3 can be flown safely.

Building this model gave me a lot of sheer pleasure, every flight is pure fun. Many thanks for such a successful design, the amusing building instructions, as well as all the technical help and advice.

Hearty greetings from Switzerland
Manfred Heinzle

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Piper PA 18 built by Peter Plank

... attached a photo of my Piper powered with a ZG 45, after approximately 10 flights, I exchanged the 45 for a 62, (for glider towing).
Have in the previous year made a total of 176 flights, the model is fantastic and the engine is perfect.

Praise for Gerd and Toni.

With friendly greetings
Peter Plank

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Piper PA 18 built by Routledge Kevin

Hello Toni,
I thought you may like to see some photos of my Piper Cub model made from your kit. It is a superb flier with ZG62 engine, and is also used for aero-towing.

Kevin Routledge


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Piper PA 18 built by Suckart Roland

Dear Mr. Reinsch,
I guess you receive many Piper photos, in spite of this being so I simply cannot resist sending you a couple of shots of my model built last winter. Especially as you have helped me over the telephone in a very friendly and competent way.
It was my very first big model and I built and flew it entirely unaided. Now what can I possibly say: I have already made some flights with my Piper and she gives me endless pleasure.

I have kept strictly to your building instructions, with the maiden flight I only needed a few clicks trim on the ailerons and elevators. Otherwise my Piper needed no lead anywhere with the following equipment:

ZG 38 with stainless silencer #3877,
covered with Oracover Scale plastic film (Monokote was out of stock at this time),
Emcotec-Dual battery power supply,
2 x 2400 mAh Nicads, one in the cockpit and one in the radio compartment,
10 Hitec servos.

In the air the model is so realistic and this has enthused many modellers (especially against a setting sun). It is not necessary for every single model to be able to hang on the prop...

With friendly greetings
Roland Suckart

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Piper PA 18 built by Thorsten Ullrich

Hello Mr. Clark and Mr. Reinsch,
as I write it is Whit Monday 2009, I wish to tell you about flying with our Piper J-3 Cub which made it's maiden flight 25 years ago exactly on Whit Monday 1984 and since then has been regularly flown.

My father and I built your Piper towards the end of 1982 and powered it with a Quadra. A couple of years later, we changed the Quadra for the more powerful ZG 38. The Piper, in spite of it's 11 kg, flies superbly. Apart from just flying for fun, we use our Piper on our clubs flying meets to tow banners and to drop sweets for the kids. In addition we have fitted cameras, which the Piper carries without effort.
In the year 2003 an extensive repair had to be undertaken, but thanks to the robust structure and simple construction, was not so difficult. We used this opportunity to replace our home built silencer (between the engine and firewall) with the stainless silencer #3877, thereby reducing the sound for an increase in power.
We have over the last 25 years built many more large models with your ZG engines, but for some reason, flying the Piper is always something special.

Many greetings,
Klaus und Thorsten Ullrich

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Clipped Wing Piper built by Vincenz Bogner

Servus Gerd,
Kam gibds as' Inderned zwanzg Joahr, bin i aa scho dabei.
(strong Bavarian accent rather like Devonshire English in the shires)

... as you have seen my Piper flies really well, in spite of the 10 kg with 2,20 span. Amongst all the very expensive large models on various flying days she has caused some surprises due to her super aerobatic potential. Everyone of the 150 flights has given me untold enjoyment!

Scheene Griaß aus Ostahofa, (Osterhofen is Gerd's hometown)
Vincenz Bogner

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Piper PA 18 built by Patrick Zehles

Good day Mr. Reinsch,
I have a Piper Super Cub from you fitted out with a Titan ZG 45SL on a Hydro-Mount-System, stainless silencer and Easy-Start-System.
This is the best flying model I have ever had, I simply must mention this. My club members are always commenting on how quiet and slowly I can fly with my Piper.

Attached are photo's of my Piper, for your Internet galley perhaps.

Best regards,
Patrick Zehles

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Piper PA18 Super Cub built by John Kelleher, Irish Republic

John Kelleher from Mayfield Cork in Ireland in 1998. His Piper PA18 painted as per the colour scheme from our Photo set #4418. John has since built our Pitts S1-S. (Dog insisted on being in the picture.)

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Piper J3 Cub built by Helmut Labe

Dear Sirs,
my congratulations for your designs. They all fly superbly, are simple to operate. Construction does not cause one any difficulties. I'm 69 and had intended to give the hobby up. By a coincidence came across your catalogue and began anew to build models. There is no other more rewarding hobby for a man in retirement, for your models are very attractive and stand out ...

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Piper PA18 Super Cub built by Peter Hauser

with this letter I wish to thank you for your superb Piper kit. This is my first large model, due to my very restricted free time it has taken me almost 2 years for completion and ready to fly. The more than excellent instruction manual plus the very easy to read plans is very helpful ...

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Piper PA18 Super Cub built by Armin Röthlisberger, Switzerland

Herewith several photo's of my TC Piper.

This Piper took roughly 400 hours to complete; spread over 4 months. Is powered by the Titan ZG 38SC and the stainless steel silencer #3877 with intake air being sucked out of the fuselage ...

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Piper J3 Cub built by Major Robert Jacquot, USA

Major Bob Jacquot lived for a number of years in Bammental near Heidelberg. Over 30 years ago had one of the first Piper kits from Toni, from which he built this really fine model. Power at this time was naturally only the Quadra.

Bob was a U.S. Navy photographer which is clearly shown by the quality of these shots. In the second world war he survived 5 invasion landings in the South Pacific Theater being in the first waves ashore, photographing and filming the struggle of life and death in the very thick of the fighting ...

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Rudi Widmann

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
up to now in our club Radolfzell e.V. there has been four Piper PA-18's
built and the fifth is in being built. All five are fitted with the
original ZG 45SL and Hydro-Mount-System. The perfect combination...

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Piper PA18 Super Cub built by Philipp Kieffer, Switzerland

Hello and good Sunday Mr. Reinsch,
just a small collage with the best photo´s of my Piper, shot on the day of the first flight. Regarding the photo´s, I can only say: after such a successful first flight, one can certainly have a very satisfied countenance!...

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Piper J3 Cub built by Eduard Wymann, Switzerland

Dear Friends,
once again a TC Piper-Piper has been built in Switzerland. Covered with silk and powered with a OS 300.

Eduard Wymann
Modellgruppe Obersimmental

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Ralf Brand

building your Piper, was for me the most ambitious model I have made until now. I had previously built the Multiplex "Big Lift", powered with ZG 22, with this model I developed the taste for something even better, a real model with loads of wood, but without the risk of failure ...

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Peter Wohlfeil

I am so pleased to see you have placed my Piper in your photo gallery.

Details of model: kit from Toni Clark, ZG 45 engine with stainless silencer, Hydro-Mount-System from Toni Clark, (what else, ah), Easy-Start-System, Landing Flaps.

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Hannu Örn, Helsinki

Hello gentlemen, Toni and Gerhard
Last week I did the maiden flight with "HMS-Piper mit Edelstahlschalldämpfer und Titan ZG 62SL". It really was the nicest surprise I ever have had in my RC-hobby ...

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Raymond van Mulken

Dear Mr. Reinsch and Clark,
yesterday my Piper made its maiden flight. After two years in building (I reckon with about 400 hours) it was at last ready. With the first flight I discovered the aerial in the fuselage was being shielded ...

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Frank Wedekind

Hello Toni,
your Piper really is a fantastic airplane!
One can have a lot of fun with it, even during the Winter season.

A prosperous New Year,
Frank Wedekind - Modellflug IG Porta

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Kaviák László, Hungary

Hello Mr. Clark,
you perhaps remember me, two years ago, I bought amongst other things a Piper kit.
The model made it's first flight last year, since then it has given me enormous pleasure. Just earlier today I had a flight with her ...

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Matthias Schaub

looking through your photo gallery and the test report in the model magazine encouraged me to write you a few lines accompanied with photo´s of my TC-Piper. I built this model in 1998 as a PA 18, it took about 500 hours. Reading the building instructions was a real pleasure, also the very good quality plans considerably eased building the model. The kit in no way conflicted with my very exacting quality demands. To power my model I chose the ZG 23SL...

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Piper PA 18 Super Cub built by Heinz-Jürgen Otto

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
I am writing again from Spain. The Piper flies really well, Photo enclosed. Greeting for Toni Clark please.

Greetings from Spain,
Heinz-Jürgen Otto.



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