Sopwith Pup built by Kai-Uwe Fuchs

Sopwith Pup built by Kai-Uwe Fuchs

Hello Mr. Reinsch and Toni,
here are some pictures of my Sopwith Pup which I finished last week. Again it was great fun to build a Sopwith Pup from your kit. In the meantime I have almost learned the building instructions with all their useful tips by heart.

Thank you once more for your open ear on the phone. I have learned that when I need extra help with my orders you are always there to help me!

Kai-Uwe Fuchs aus Greiz

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Sopwith Pup of Tom Winand, Belgium

Hello Mr. Toni Clark and Mr. Gerhard Reinsch,
included you’ll find some pictures of my TC Sopwith Pup. If you wish, you can put them on your web site in the customers photo gallery.
This model is probably the oldest flying TC Sopwith Pup in the world? Build by my father and did his maiden flight back in 1988. I purchased this plane when my father died in 1991.
After some 2 MLU’s (Mid Life Updates) / (engine and r/c equipment overhauled), it’s still flying very well.

The Pup is equipped with:
Toni Clark Titan ZG 38 (first edition),
Reduction gear 2.8:1, the old "Quadra-Charger" tuned pipe,
GRP-Propeller 31,5x18" #0315 or Wooden scale prop 32x18"

Best Regards,
Tom Winand, Royal Broken-Wings

In September 2009 we met Tom at the Royal Broken-Wings airshow. We both had loads of fun in flying formation and doing some really hot mockup dogfights with his Sopwith Pup and our Albatros DVa. The spectators loved it!

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Sopwith Pup built by Alexander de Leng

Greetings from the Netherlands
Alexander de Leng

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Sopwith Pup built by Wolf Dieter Banke

Theo’s Pup, built back in 1988. Full of scale details but not intended for the showcase, instead it is flown like any normal model. The Pup has survived many hours in the air very well. A hail storm at Hameln over one Witsun weekend has left its marks without serious damage, positively adding to the weathering finish somewhat.

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Sopwith Pup built by David Büsken

Hello Gerhard,
my father flew the Pup for quite a number of years in khaki. He has stripped off the covering, mainly to make some renewals. After a long Odyssey she is now finally finished, the 9 cylinder Seidel runs as it should be and as it always has.

And now we are really having a load of fun again with the old kite. Her appearance is considerably improved due to all taping and stitching has been duplicated from the full size, plus further small scale details added, apart from all this she has a very nice colour scheme. Non of these monotonous khaki and natural linen. But please convince yourself from my photo's here.

David and Werner Büsken

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Sopwith Pup built by Hermann Wirtz

Hello Gerhard,
as promised at the flying meet in Rheidt, herewith a few photo's of my Pup for your gallery. The kit was the second prize for the photo competition run by the now unfortunately defunct Scale magazine.
I started building in September 2001. First flight took place in April 2003.
The dummy engine by the way, turns with the propeller(rotary engine). Their 15th photo is just before the Fliers memorial.
There are many construction photo's to be seen on my Homepage

Many greetings,
Hermann Wirtz

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Sopwith Pup built by Kevin Wehrli

"Try flying her, it's an experience hard to forget"
My Pup is built from your kit and had it's first flight on our model flying field (

Engine: Titan ZG 38 SC
Reduction gear 2.8:1
Stainless silencer #3877
All up weight: 15.5 kg
Propeller: 32x18"
Radio: Futaba
Servos: 8X5945 MG Hitec
Battery: 2 x 3300 NiMh
Double power supply: DPSI 2001

I have built my Pup absolute scale and have had many compliments for the finish (of course very good for my ego). I must thank you for all my e-mails you answered during the building. It shows again the quality of your products as you are always available for your customers, even after the purchase.
I hope a photo of mine with my Pup finds it's way onto your gallery. At this present time, I am building the Tiger 1:3.3 from your kit. So soon as she has flown, you will be hearing from me.

With friendly greetings
René Wehrli
8108 Dällikon (Switzerland)

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Sopwith Pup built by Ohle Thoft Jensen

Hi Toni,
I couldn't agree more about the weight limits. I only started competing in scale in 2005, and then the weightlimits wer raised to 15 kg. I have won the Danish national championship twice in F4C "Rookie" class with my Tiger moth (your 1:3.3) and last summer I competed in the Nordic championships with my Pup, which earned me a modest 9th in Nordic and a 2nd in the national competition. But it bought me a place on the national team for the European championship in Norway in August this year, so I am now working on some scale details, and when spring comes I will try to improve my flying...

I enclose a couple of pictures, taken in my garden last summer.

Kind regards
Ole Jensen

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Sopwith Pup built by Pius Illien

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
... attached som pictures of your wonderfull Sopwith Pup, finished like the full size prototype.

Best regards,
Pius Illien
CH-7000 Chur




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