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Peter Heilmann: Titan ZG 20 in a P-47 D Thunderbolt

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
here are a few photo's of my P-47, powered with the super Titan ZG 20. Another club member has the same model and we of course fly together. It makes for a load of real fun and with the ZG 20 it is absolutely without problems.
Perhaps this is worthy of a place in your gallery.

Short description of the Republic "Thunderbolt":
Escort fighter and fighter bomber in the US Air Force during the second world war. About the heaviest fighter going. Due entirely to the very robust construction and the extremely powerful blown engine having a reliable and very efficient supercharger, the Jug made a really dangerous opponent during aerial combat at that time.

Wingspan: 1.78 m
Length: 1.58 m
Weight: 5.2 kg
Engine: Toni Clark Titan ZG 20
Prop: Menz 16x8"

Kit: ARF, wood only, covered in polyester film, mechanical retracts and flaps. Building time 45-50 hours.

Many greetings,
Peter Heilmann

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Douglas DC3 Dakota powered by two Toni Clark Titan ZG 20

Placing the ignition Hall sensor on the second fixing position on the side of the crankcase, allows the ZG 20 to run clockwise. Menz now can supply the suitable left hand props. Those who wish can also turn the cylinder AND piston through 180 degrees, as is here the case with the Fiber Classics DC3.

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Graupner Extra 300SHP powered by the Titan ZG 20

Hello Gerhard,
your Titan ZG 20 fitted with the Zimmermann tuned silencer #2593 in my Graupner Extra 300SHP causes a very impressive aerobatic performance, that is no way behind the full size machines capabilities!

„A real Thunderbolt Engine“ Micheal Goulian would say, if he could see my model in the air.

Visitors at the "Winter Flying Day" at Melle, a couple of weeks ago could be suitably impressed by the aerobatic performance, also there was a really positive interest shown about the model. The model with empty tank weighs 4,965 gm's, helped by a undercarriage from KHK. All servos are the high quality brushless servos from Futaba. The elevators coupling rod is 8 mm stainless steel tubing (14 gm's) and the single elevator servo pushrod is also stainless steel tube (16 gm's) all from your stock. This solution of mine is lighter and a lot neater than the servos just screwed onto the fuselage's outsides.
I have utilized all the components from your Funtana S140 to install the engine and the control surfaces hook up.

I had something of a headache to get the ZG 20's tuned silencer into the model, mainly due to the wing being set a lot lower in the fuselage than the wing is on the Funtana and preventing me from fitting the silencer to the fuselage floor. Instead I have chosen the Fiberglass-Balsa sandwich constructed silencer tunnel you have with the order no. #2580. This has the nice spin-off that most of the formers are considerably lightened now. After 25 energetic flights, I can safely say that the extra cut-outs in the formers have in no way reduced the strength and the extra work involved has more than paid off.

The engine is a real "thunderbolt" engine and with the 18x8" Super Silence Pro CF prop, it is steadily increasing in performance with every new flight, as it is gradually running in.

The air baffle is absolutely necessary inside the cowl, this build the baffle inside the cowl as the first flight suffered from overheating of the engine due to the inlet is in a not so good position

The air baffle inside the cowl is absolutely necessary. I build the baffle inside the cowl, as the first flight suffered from overheating of the engine, due to the inlet is in a bad position, too far below the cylinder. Since then, the engine runs incredibly well. I have fitted a 350 ml tank to be able to fly in excess of half an hour - it is my pleasure to fly the model, like the full size Extra, at full throttle for most of the time. At 4,965 gm the model goes vertical directly after take off and with the minimum of forward speed. It is a real pleasure to fly this model. With the Futaba 2,4 GHz radio, I can only say that I have had not the slightest trouble.

Many greeting to the Toni Clark Team.
Andreas Uecker



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