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The three active CAP 21's in our club "Wanderfalken Diestedde e.V."


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CAP 21 built by Bernd Themann

Hello Gerhard,
have just taken a look through your latest gallery, I must add I like it
very much. The gallery gave me the idea to send you photo's of my TC
models. These are the Cap 21 and Pitts. Have enclosed a few photo's of
the full size Cap as well, I had searched around for a "different colour
scheme" the one here really caught my eye. Oh yes, it was the first Cap
I have seen with tip tanks.

Greetings, Bernd Themann

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CAP 21 built by Heribert Walter

...since April 2000 I have owned your kit. After the birth of my daughter,
I have in managed in the last two weeks to get the model finished and
in the air. A super flying performance immediately after the first take off!

Heribert Walter

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CAP 21 built by Wolf Dieter Banke

like for his Piper, Theo again has put together his own colour scheme ...

Fitted with:
Titan ZG 62SL
Hydro Mount System #6706
Stainless silencer #6660
Self made carburetor intake bend
Easy Start System #7777

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CAP 21 built by Wasson Robert

Dear Mr. Reinsch,
I hope that you and Mr. Clark are both keeping well.
I am pleased to be able to inform you that my CAP 21 is now complete. It was a pleasure to build, and brought back happy memories of the first Practical Scale CAP 21 that I built back in the 1980's.
I am intending that the model should be used for aerobatic display flying. For that reason you will have to forgive me for the lack of detail and the deviations from scale. The final model ended up weighing 7.95kg complete with a 1900 mAh NiCad pack for the Rx and a 1400 mAh NiCad pack for the Ignition unit. I was very pleased with this final weight that I feel is largely down to the excellent design and the very high quality of wood included in the kit.
I am waiting for the warmer weather before flying the model. I have tested the engine and it runs extremely quietly with a very low idle and excellent transition. Please accept my apologies for the poor quality of the photographs. The low winter sun was casting very long shadows in my garden!

With best wishes
Robert Wasson

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CAP 21 built by Franz Ulrich Wimmer


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CAP 21 built by Ralf Lambert

... herewith a photo taken on our Model Flying Club field in Bitburg (MFG Bitberg-Falken). As discussed in our pleasant telephone conversation last week; this model is pranged due to selecting another model on the transmitter display. Thanks to the all Balsa construction and instant glue in the splits, the said model was flying shortly afterwards.

Greetings from Trier,
Ralf Lambert

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CAP 21 built by Karl Paul

Karl (Charly) Paul built his first CAP 21 back in 1983, First powered with a Webra Bully, then the Tartan Twin followed by the Kavan flat twin four stroke engine and the Tartan Super Twin. Charly was utterly fed up with the continual aggravation with unreliable engines. He then installed the very dependable Titan ZG 38. As the Titan ZG 62 was introduced he then had found the right engine ...

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CAP 21 built by Heiner Wintermann

... Due to his excellent connections to the Italian modellers-"Mafia" he discovered long before us the existence of the CAP 21 I-IZAK in Italian colours.

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A nice example of the CAP 21 No 7, F-GAUK


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CAP 21 built by Ed Pot

Ed Pot really enjoys building. He is very unhappy when he cannot spend a couple of hours each evening in the building room. When it becomes crowded at home and the models are in the way, he sells his last years model like some do with their cars...

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CAP 21 build by Oliver Schakel and Werner Dannler

Oliver Schakel and Werner Dannler painted their CAP 21 in the Breitling - colour scheme.

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CAP 21 built by Thomas Schmidt

Hello Mr. Reinsch,
I finally made a picture of my CAP 21. With the colour scheme, I wanted to try something else and decided to go for orange...

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CAP 21 and RV4 built by Franz Maier

Coincidentally Franz sat next to me, right at the front in the first row, for our first lecture in aircraft construction. He was (and is) as I quickly established, a real model aircraft enthusiast also. From this first meeting a life long friendship immediately developed.
Some years later, as I began to start every take off with my CAP 21 with a snap roll, Franz came along and surprised me with a one and a half snap at take off and at a much lower altitude ...

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Full size CAP 21, I-IZAK

Pictures of I-IZAK courtesy to Jan Schultze-Melling.
The slides have been scanned and professionally optimised by Karl Paul.



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