CAP 21
CAP 21 built by Charly Paul
Charly named this photo “Fliegerfreuden” or pilots fun. Charly is on the right with his first CAP 21. The young man on the right holding the Pitts, I guess that is how I looked back in those days. The age of this picture is given away by the wood propellers we used in the eighties!

Pitts Special S1-S and CAP 21 - two Toni Clark kits

Karl (Charly) Paul built his first CAP 21 back in 1983, First powered with a Webra Bully, then the Tartan Twin followed by the Kavan flat twin four stroke engine and the Tartan Super Twin. Charly was utterly fed up with the continual aggravation with unreliable engines. He then installed the very dependable Titan ZG 38. As the Titan ZG 62 was introduced he then had found the right engine. After thirteen years and over a thousand flights, Charly was attempting an unwitting below ground level fly by in the field in the background here. Naturally a new CAP 21 must be built immediately, Charly is absolutely certain: Nothing flies better, and over any length of time makes for more pleasure than a CAP 21. His second CAP 21 is more attractive and lighter, is fitted with the ZG 62SL and the Hydro-Mount-System. Due to it's red colour scheme this CAP 21 will surely be around in 2020 ...

Charly´s second CAP 21, now in an elegant red scheme.
This way with wild manoeuvres Charly can better judge the ground clearance ...

CAP 21 built from Toni Clark kit



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